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on 10/14/2008 at 21:48

Hello Hannah, Laura and family of SGT De Roo;
I'm a nurse at Madigan and as I was walking past a clinic, I saw a pamphlet in the waiting area with the magazines. This handsome hero's face stood out to me and I picked up the trifold of Gabe's life. My husband has been to Iraq and continues to serve our country, my husband was in Mosul just months before Gabe. I am so sorry for the loss of such an amazing man! What wonderful photos and messages of love and dedication you will show his son, Gabe II. I know as a Mother and Father what pride you must have in your son. And as brothers and sisters what memories you will have forever. Hannah, my heart hurts for you going through this journey of grief. It is something to go through rather than get over. There is no such thing. His spirit and love live in you. Thank you for sharing his life and story. I will always remember your son, husband, brother, friend - Gabe.
on 05/26/2008 at 15:23

Our Fallen Hero
in loving memory of Sgt. Gabriel G. De Roo
by Lisa M. Wakefield
(she finished writing this on Aug. 30, 2006 - the day of the funeral)

A Soldier for the Lord for me and you
He gave to people he never even knew
He was making a difference that's what we were told
Fighting for Freedom with a heart of gold.

He was for sure all that he could be
Living Christ's example for all to see.
A husband, a father, a brother, a son
He now walks with Jesus his work here is done.

As soldiers for the Lord we can't go wrong.
In our time of weakness Jesus is strong (II Cor. 12:9)
Gabe wwould tell us to do what's right
He'll see us again; we win the fight.

We can't help but stand with tears in our eyes
As we try to say our last goodbyes
Lean on Jesus to quiet our fears
He will bless all of our tears.

The memories in your heart will keep him near
The love you had and hold so dear
The kindness, compassion & love so true
Are the part of Gabe that lives on in you.
on 05/25/2008 at 02:34

It's Memorial Weekend. It use to be just a fun celebration of the beginning of summer. Then it became a De Roo Family gathering day. Since August 20, 2006 it has become a time to reflect on the sacrifice of all the men and women that have given so much for our country and for me. Thank you Gabriel. Miss you.
on 04/12/2008 at 21:08

Dear Hannah, I haven`t talked to you in forever. I just found out about Gabe`s death from your sister Ruth, at her husband`s music concert at my church. I can`t believe he`s gone. I remember when you first met Gabe at Kristel and Brent`s Bible Study. There was obvious chemistry between the two of you : ) I remember how the both of you always wore flip flops even when it was freezing out because you were both beach people. I remember how he gave you a diamond necklace with three stones representing the past, present, and future and how he had your sister hide a pair of diamond earrings in your stocking for Christmas while he was in Iraq. I remember saying, " When he comes back I bet he`ll give you a diamond ring to complete the set," and you just smiled chewing your gum. Then when Gabe returned he did propose! I remember how lovely you looked at your wedding just like a princess, Hannah. I still have the picture you sent me of you and Gabe standing in front of an open door in a brick wall. He looks so handsome in his uniform standing slightly in the open doorway and you look so beautiful smiling just off to the left. I feel deeply for your loss but knowing how the Lord orchestrates everything according to his master plan, I can only say, "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away blessed be the name of the Lord." I pray God will continue to work His perfect will for your life and the life of your little son Gabe. May the Lord make His face shine on you! Sincerely, Shaina
on 11/19/2007 at 22:43

Thanksgiving, 2007

So much is owed to so few........

I have a three year old son. Gabe gave ME all of my days with my little man by sacrificing all of his days with his son. The scope and depth of that sacrifice is almost too much for me to appreciate! I am overwhelmed and overcome! I wish everyone in this great Nation could appreciate and understand the tremendous sacrifices that are made on our behalf. Please be assured that THIS American Family is forever in your debt for the gift of Freedom and Liberty that you have paid such an awful price for.WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!

May God bless you all of your days, and may his peace that surpasses all understanding surround you till that day when you see and talk with Gabe again. I know I look forward to meeting him!

Our most sincere and heartfelt condolences,
Joe, Tina,
and little Remington Norman
on 10/04/2007 at 18:46

Dear Hannah, My name is Jose Santiago Deroo and I were in Basic Training together and also at Ft. lewis. I just want to say i'm very sorry for your loss. Deroo was a great person, I don't think I ever met anyone who was as genuinely nice as he was. I hope you and the family are doing well I will keep everyone in my prayers.
on 08/07/2007 at 08:14

Dear Hannah,

I was just given this web site by my Daughter Mary and felt I had to write you. My Son PFC Charles B. Hester served with Gabriel in Iraq. Charlie was killed on May 26, 2007 when the Stryker he was driving went over an IED. My heart goes out to you and your family as I know the pain you feel. Charlie was a big lovable guy and he was holding Gabriel in those big loving arms when he died. It hit him real hard and he got to come home for R&R one time after that, last Thanksgiving. Charlie was so dedicated and loyal to his friends that he felt guilty for being home. Please take comfort in knowing that Charlie was there for Gabriel with that big bear hug that I miss so much.
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