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on 08/28/2006 at 14:51

Dear Hannah,
These difficult days we want you to remember that the Lord is always with you and He is very close to those who are in grief. Let the Helper and Comforter strengthen and comfort you.
praying for you, Vadim,Valentina,Yuriy,Olga,Nick and Vitalick
on 08/28/2006 at 04:44

A man of God,
Beloved friend,
Oh how we loved you,
To the end.
Your ceaseless smile,
Your gentle gaze,
Your kindly tone,
Your earthly days.
Eched in our minds,
Forever be,
The mighty God,,
Has come for thee.
A loving husband,
Caring dad,
Now you are gone,
And though we're sad,
We have a hope,
For this we know,
We'll see you when,
To Christ we go.
on 08/28/2006 at 04:10

I have felt very honored and privileged just to have known Gabe; from playing softball, football, going to YAF and just hanging out as one of the guys. He truely was a great man and I feel proud to call him my friend. He was a great example to me as I know he was to countless others. He will be missed.
We do however rejoice in the hope that is to come for we know that we will see him again in heaven. Please know that we are praying for you and your family. The road ahead is a difficult one but you are not alone. God will see you through this and give you comfort as only He can give.

Kenneth, Hannah, and Tirzah
on 08/28/2006 at 01:15

We will never forget the first time we met Gabe when he was with you, Hannah, at the ferry landing. We were waiting for a guest and saw you striding together down the quey. You were radiant. He had the gentle smile and penetrating eyes that never left him. He effected thought without words. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
on 08/27/2006 at 22:38

To Hannah and Gabe's Parents: I don't think I actually ever met Gabe, but his smiling face is etched in my mind. My sister Kathy took Gabe's and Hannah's wedding pictures, and I helped her make a slide show that included shots from their service. I have been so moved by his testimony that has been quoted in various places: "That if anyone would have to die in his unit he said he would prefer it was he and not others." I want to thank you, Gabe's parents, for raising such a son, and thank you, Hannah, for being his loving, supportive wife in his choice to serve our country, democracy, and the cause of Christ. Our Savior will assure that his sacrifice will not return void.
on 08/27/2006 at 21:45

Dear Hannah, Gabriel and Gabe's entire friends and family,
My heart is so heavy, reading about Gabe...viewing his pictures. I pray that his death will touch others who may not know the Lord, and those who strive to be like him. I fully trust and believe in God's plan, and I know he will only give us what He and I can handle together.... I'm so glad you have faith that God will produce rainbows from our darkest storms. You will "see" Gabe in many things, but none more precious than Little Gabriel... he will never really be gone, and you will see him again in our Heavenly home...never to be separated again. My love and prayers go out to you all.
on 08/27/2006 at 20:56

Dear Hannah and Family,
Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ be with each and every one of you. May our wonderful God comfort each one in this time of grief and sorrow. We did not know Gabe but we look forward to the day when we shall all meet in the presence of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are claiming the Father's promise of Romans 8:28 and looking for many souls to be saved as a direct result of Gabe's sacrificial death for the freedom of the people of Iraq as well as in defense of our own Nation. We have already seen believers being brought to a closer walk with Christ as the result of the testimony he left behind as recorded in the media and through e-mails. love in Christ, John & Linda Eichmann
on 08/27/2006 at 16:30

Dear Hannah and Family,
While I never have met you we are still family in Christ and I feel your lost. I feel that if some one has to die, let it before reason that will bring Glory to God. I have know people who we think are to yount to die and that why God did you take them home when they could be use of you to further the gosple and be there for their family, especially for you Hannah and your child. The only concelation you can get from this is that one day soon you will be together again as I so until that time I want you to know that I am pryaing for you and your family, that Jesus will bring you comfort and care while you go through the greaving period. I realize it won't be easy but you have Christina family member that will be there for you.
and they love you very much. You son can be proud that while he won't have his father for a time, he died for the freedom and most importanly the Lords work. I am sure that those lives that Gabe touch, will have brought some to Jesus. Again I am so very sorry for your llost and no words can ever express the loss you and your family are feeling.

YOur sister in Christ
on 08/27/2006 at 04:29

Our dearest Hannah , Suko family and DeRoo family, This is about the 10th note I have tried to write to express our sorrow and love for all of you since Gabe was called home. We were just not ready to let him go, that is for sure. We know you believe with every fiber in you that God is in control and, as Nancy quoted, what was meant for evil, God intends for good, but the pain of loss is still there. While trying to reconcile the sorrow I was feeling, even though I know Gabe is with Jesus and that God will take care of you and Gabe, Hannah; the story of Lazarus came to mind and when I went to read the narrative again, the verse that never made an impression with me before, seemed to jump off the page. “Jesus wept.” Oh, what a comfort that was that our Lord and Savior feels our pain and understands it. He is truly our comfort and our provider. It was as though He gave us permission to grieve by weeping with us. Please add our prayers and love with that of the many who love and pray for you. Love in Christ, John & Marsha Hughes
on 08/27/2006 at 03:05

Hi Hannah,
You are in my prayers. I know that your Daddy in heaven is holding you and little Gabe close during this time. I am here for you if you need a listening friend to talk to or pray with. I praise God that you were able to have such a wonderful man as your husband who truly treated you like a queen. I'm sure he's waiting in heaven with a great big field of heavenly roses to give you! I know you miss him Hannah, but you have hope and you WILL see your beloved Gabe again! We will all miss him. He was an angel who was a flaming light and example for our Savior Jesus!

Hannah, I am crying with you through all of this. I'm praying with you constantly. I love you and hurt for you. You are a wonderful sister in the Lord.

Love in Christ,
Hannah Yefimov < Acts 20:24
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